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Fred Banke (History of Plains Indians through Metal Detecting) is a U.S. Navy veteran, FAA-certified aircraft mechanic, and long-time metal detectorist. After graduating from Colorado Aero Tech with an A&P license, he enjoyed a successful career in composite repair with FlightSafety International. He served as a consultant to both NASA and the United Space Alliance. Fred's been detecting the Treasure Coast for two decades, finally "retiring" after years of back-and-forth adventuring.

The author's previous book, "The Reale Deal" Metal Detecting The Florida Treasure Coast, has been a bestseller in both local Museums.

This book was followed by "The Reale Deal" Metal Detecting The Florida Treasure Coast Part II. Covering more history and information.


His latest adventures include:

· Traveling to the Dakotas.

· Researching forts and battlefields of the Indian Wars.

· Metal-detecting private properties to find artifacts of the same.

Resulting in the book "The Reale Deal," The Northern Plains Indian Wars.


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