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9:00 AM  

101     WHAT IN THE WORLD:  Robin Cramp has traveled extensively throughout the world and lived overseas giving him a deep insight on how the U.S. is viewed by our friends and foes.  His weekly sessions cover current events, and surveys the geographical limitations, political upheavals and economic struggles of these areas.  Robin’s abounding professionalism and his enchanting British delivery causes this class to fill up rapidly. 

102     FLORIDA GARDENING:  Fall gardening includes cole vegetables, late fertilizing and clean-up of plants that will winter indoors.  Gift plants for indoors will be discussed.  Our unique Florida environment is new to many of you and all questions are appreciated.  Jane Mandeville, once again leads this popular session so come join the fun.  She loves it when students stump the teacher with new plants.  Jane is a Master Gardener with the Florida Department of Agriculture.  She has served as past president of the South Brevard Gardening Club and an active member of the In-Har-Bee Garden Club.

103     MAGIC FOR EVERYONE:  Tom Sanders is again teaching this class for both beginners and experienced magicians.  This class is aimed at anyone interested in entertaining grandchildren and family.  The course will cover magic with cards, ropes, coins, and other everyday items.  Tom introduces new “tricks” each session so you can learn something new.  Please bring a deck of new cards to the first class.

104     INTRODUCTION TO THE SPANISH LANGUAGE:  Señora Isabel Ochoa-Youssef will introduce us to easy Spanish phases and sayings in this session.  If you are new to this language, this is the session for you.  Basic terms such as days, time, counting, food, and travels are a few of the topics Isabel will cover.  Isabel suggests you may want to purchase the Spanish guide Spanish Made Simple.  Some copies are available for purchase in class.


201     SCIENCE IN YOUR LIFE:  Tom Sanders will lead this course that explores the physics of everyday events and is both informative and fun.  It will lead us to a deeper understanding of the universe.  It’s more than a course in physics, and more than a laundry list of "how things work!" In fact, it combines the two, offering a back-and-forth interplay between everyday applications of physics and the concepts needed to understand them. This semester we will explore the physics of mechanics and electricity.

202     FAIRY TALES AS LITERATURE:  This course will look at some of the lesser-known tales by Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm.  We will discuss themes, character, and morals in the universal world of literature.  Do you think fairy tales are just for children?  Think again!  During each class, Leslie Johansen, will read and discuss one story and then discuss the literary merits of the story.  Please bring a notebook and pen to each class. You just might be tempted to write your own fairy tale!



203     GENTLE YOGA:  Jim and Mary Ann Loafman have been a team for over 50 years and return with their very popular classes.  This session consists of gentle stretching and breathing exercises (no headstands) and finishing with 15 minutes of relaxation.  Goals are to become more flexible, relaxed, and centered.  Every part of your body will be used from your head to your toes.


204     CHAIR YOGA:  Mary Ann and Jim Loafman are certified Yoga instructors since 1988.  This session is for those who do not feel comfortable or able to do floor exercises.  The exercises are gentle and enable students to relax and become more flexible.  Bring a big smile and enjoy a lovely time.



205     CONVERSATIONAL SPANISH:  Señora Isabel Ochoa-Youssef will offer, using various modalities such as talking, reading and writing, experiences that will help you master and speak basic and intermediate Latin-American Spanish.  Spanish has become the second language of many Americans especially here in Florida.  Some knowledge is almost mandatory in south Florida.  You have an opportunity to learn from a native of this language.  Isabel suggests purchasing Spanish Made Simple.  A limited number of copies will be for sale during class.

301    BEGINNING MINDFUL MEDITATION:   Leslie Johansen will guide you through this course that is designed for those who wish to begin the practice of mindfulness meditation. Topics covered will be sitting meditation, preparing a meditation space in your home, walking meditation, eating meditation and several other surprises. Each class will conclude with timed meditation practice.  Whether you are a veteran to meditation, or a newcomer to the practice - this is the class for you!

302     BEACHSIDE BOOK CLUB:  Jan Case leads this group and invites new members to join all the veterans for a fascinating hour.  The group has selected the following contemporary books for the fall term:

FALL 2021:


·      SEP 30            The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah

·      OCT 7             Florence Adler Swims Forever by Rachael Beanland

·      OCT 14           Furious Hours: Murder, Fraud and The Last Trial of Harper Lee (non-fiction) 

                                       by Casey N. Cep

·      OCT 21           American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins

·      OCT 28           Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck (biography)

·      NOV 4            The Prayer Box by Lisa Wingate

·      NOV 11          Evie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes


303      THE QUEEN OF THE ORCHESTRA:  The subject of this course is the violin. The instructor will be Itzhak Perlman, a world-renowned violinist and a devoted teacher. Mr. Perlman has received 16 Grammy awards, 4 Emmy awards, and in 2015 was a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Overcoming his early childhood affliction with polio, he has achieved more than half-century of performing as a superstar violin soloist with nearly every top orchestra, every top conductor, and in every major concert hall in the world. In his early youth, he was a student, and now teaches, at the Juilliard School of Music in New York City.      Joel Sturman will facilitate the course material.


304     THE WORLD REOPENS FOR TRAVEL:  This topic will be of much interest to many of us who desire to “get back in the saddle” and begin traveling again.  Our travel guru, Lee Rosenkranz will tell you what you need to know as the world reopens for travel.  

Topics covered: 

Passports; Vaccination certificates; Documentation Requirements; What is still closed; Filtration systems for Hotels, Airlines, and Cruises; Social Distancing; Advantages and disadvantages of small group travel; and

Price Promotions


Lee Rosenkranz, CTC (Certified Travel Counselor) is a second-generation Travel Writer, Guide, Consultant, and Teacher. His travel agency has twice been voted the best in Brevard County by the readers of Florida Today Newspaper.  For more information and to view the syllabus go to:



9:00 AM

401      iPHONE BASICS:  So, you bought an iPhone but really don’t know how to use it effectively. Debbie Olinick will challenge you to learn the basic functions of your iPhone.  It is a phone, a camera, a mailbox, a calendar, filing cabinet and a computer all in one neat package.  This class is designed to address the topics you are struggling with daily.  Debbie promises to keep it simple.  You must have an Apple iPhone 7 or newer to use in class.  There will be no class on 15 and 22 October.

402     LINE DANCING:  Join Vicki Little as she, once again, leads us in the fun and exercise that is Line Dancing.  This is a class for both the beginner and the experienced since Vicki introduces something new each week.  One of the joys of Line Dancing is it requires no partner, so come join the fun of this low impact exercise.

501     HAVING FUN COOKING WITH ROSI:  Be one of the twenty people who get accepted for this class.  Due to the small size of the kitchen, registration is limited.  Rosi Oberlander has traveled all over the world and has accumulated many delightful recipes and culinary tidbits along her journeys.  Rosi’s cooking talents are renowned locally and she is willing to cook for us and share her recipes.

502    THE AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR:  This session will look at the events that shocked the world as the Thirteen Colonies defeated the super European power of Eighteenth Century England.  We will discuss the events leading to the war, the important leaders of both sides, the major battles, and the outcome.  Bill Ross, a retired history teacher of forty years, will be the instructor for the class.

503     BEGINNING MAHJONGG:  Mahjongg is a tile-based game that originated in China during the Qing Dynasty.  It is commonly played with four players, and is a game of skill, strategy, calculation and involves a degree of chance.  Judy Carr will be the instructor for this limited size class.  

504    BEGINNING GERMAN:  Inge Flynn is making her debut teaching appearance at Shepherd’s Center, but she brings a wealth of knowledge about Germany, especially its culture, and its language.  Growing up, German was her first language plus she taught German in the local area.  This session she will be using the study guide, German in 10 Minutes a Day.  If you cannot readily get a copy, Inge will have copies of the lesson of the day.  You don’t have to have any prior knowledge of the language but will complete this basic course knowing simple greetings, time, and travel phrases.  This course will greatly assist you when you book your next travel trip to Germany.

601     GAMES PEOPLE PLAY:  Donna Noeske is back!  Once again, she will conduct this three-ring circus of games.  Rummikub, Dominoes and cards are some of the games from our past times that can once again be enjoyed.  Do not delay since class size is limited and it fills up quickly.  Come join the fun - let’s do it again!  

602     LINE DANCING – INTERMEDIATE:  This class is mainly for those folks with skill levels well above “Beginners.”  However, Vicki Little wants you to know all are welcome.  This session takes the joy of Line Dancing to another level with our resident “pro” Vicki, leading the way.  Come join us and have FUN!

603      HOW OUR GOVERNMENT SHOULD WORK:  As a former history and civics teacher, Mike Vogt returns to the classroom to refresh your knowledge of basic government civics that you studied in your youth.  He will begin the class discussing current events of the week then applying those actions to the timeless systems and processes that are governed by the U.S. Constitution and its many controversial amendments.  This term will look at our English rule from colonial times and why our founding fathers formed the Constitution that we still live by today.  Also, the judicial, legislative, and executive branches of government will be closely examined.  Mike encourages discussion and a civilexchange of ideas.

604      QUILLING:  Jeanie Grabka will be introducing us to a new art form - Quilling, which is the art of rolling narrow pieces of paper, forming shapes and gluing them closed.  The shapes are then put together to make earrings, greeting card, pictures or mobiles.  The class will make several projects; your imagination is all that is needed.  Bring a small pair of scissors and a 12" ruler.  Paper, quilling tool and glue will be provided.  

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