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9:00 AM

WHAT IN THE WORLD:  Robin Cramp (bio) has traveled extensively throughout the world and lived overseas giving him a deep insight on how the U.S. is viewed by our friends and foes.  His weekly sessions cover current events, and surveys the geographical limitations, political upheavals, and economic struggles of these areas.  Robin’s abounding professionalism and his enchanting British delivery causes this class to fill up rapidly.  

FLORIDA GARDENING:  This semester we will concentrate on container gardening.  From front door entrance designs to patio additions, plants can brighten out homes. Jane Mandeville (bio), master gardener with the Florida department of agriculture for 26 years, loves to join the adventure of seeing plants thrive. Whether you are new to Florida plants or have always gardened, join us for a fun discussion of Florida's colorful flowers.          

MAGIC FOR EVERYONE:  Tom Sanders (bio) is again teaching this class for both beginners and experienced magicians.  This class is aimed at anyone interested in entertaining grandchildren and family.  The course will cover magic with cards, ropes, coins, and other everyday items.  Tom introduces new “tricks” each session so you can learn something new.  Please bring a deck of new cards to the first class.

CRAFTY CORNER:  Come join Nancy Dennee (bio), Margaret Moore and Bernadette Matousek when they offer their first class for holidays other than Christmas. You loved the ornament class, so you know you’ll love creating Valentine angels, iris paper folding cards, fabric Easter eggs, bunnies you can’t resist, and possibly a surprise craft you’ll really love! The class is a chance to keep your brain learning, your fingers moving, and the conversation flowing.

HOW OUR GOVERNMENT WORKS – DESIGNED vs. ACTUAL:  Retired Army colonel, Chris Acker (bio), will borrow on his extensive military and civilian education coupled with thirty-nine years of experience in multiple interdisciplinary roles in the military.  During this term, Chris will navigate you through our Nation’s history that provided us a foundation for our present government.  Some of the other topics he will discuss are:

  • Money matters: Budgeting, funding, taxation, appropriations v. authorizations

  • Political parties: process on how senators and House members are elected

  • Do elected representatives represent the voter or the party?

  • Do we need Constitutional Amendment changes?  New Amendments?

These and many other engaging government topics will be vigorously discussed.  Join Chris in his inaugural teaching experience at Shepherd’s Center-Beachside!

Canceled. BASICS OF PERSONAL FINANCE:  This course is designed for those new to investing who would like to more deeply understand some concepts related to budgeting, investing, and planning.  Rusty Stuart (bio), financial advisor for Edward Jones, will explore areas many retirees utilize but would like to know more about.  His eight-week lesson plan is as follows: 

10:00 AM


THE SCIENCE OF MATTER: This entertaining DVD course is taught by a Professor of Chemistry at Cleveland State University. The study of matter has led directly to such inventions as new fabrics for clothes, powerful chemicals for medicine and industry, and semiconductor circuits for computers. Starting with the fundamental components of the universe, matter and energy, the course moves to atoms and the different ways they bond to each other, forming molecules and other compounds. The course moderator is Tom Sanders (bio).


INTRODUCTION TO THE SPANISH LANGUAGE:  Señora Isabel Ochoa-Youssef (bio) will introduce us to easy Spanish phases and sayings in this session.  If you are new to this language, this is the session for you.  Basic terms such as days, time, counting, food, and travels are a few of the topics Isabel will cover.  This term, in our Spanish Made Simple book, the class will start with Chapter 7.  Copies of this book are available for purchase in class.


MYSTERY AS LITERATURE:  This class looks at mystery writers and their works.  Join Leslie Johansen (bio) as we look at works from some of the world’s greatest mystery stories from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Allen Poe, and Agatha Christie.  If “whodunnits” are your cup of tea, come and curl up with a good book!


KNITTING:  Come join Shannon Miller (bio) and a great group of ladies knitting and chatting!  Update your knitting skills, if necessary, and have fun!  Crocheters are also welcome.


POSTURCIZE:  Learn a fun and simple exercise routine that will strengthen your muscles for good posture and improve joint movement.  Look and feel great, keep fit, and prevent pain!  This session is led by Janet Harazda (bio), a Registered Nurse (FL 936802) and Licensed Massage Therapist (MA24421) specializing in Hoshino Therapy©, a manual technique and body of practical knowledge for the rejuvenation of overused or stressed tendons.  Wear loose comfortable clothing and bring an exercise mat.  

DETECTING THE TREASURE COAST:  He’s back!  Last winter’s term, Terry Shannon (bio) captivated us with his humor and vast array of treasures found on the beach.  We are very fortunate to have this distinguished author, blogger, and treasure hunter, to share stories about discovering varied treasures on our nearby Treasure Coast beaches.  A former county sheriff from Minnesota and now a winter resident in Melbourne Beach, Terry has been metal detecting for the past 15 years and has amassed countless pieces of jewelry, coins, and other artifacts from the 1715 Spanish Galleon Fleet.  He will share many of his tips and secrets of treasure hunting.  Be prepared to hear some fascinating stories and view many of Terry’s treasure finds. He will have available to sell some of his five published books on metal detecting treasure hunting.

11: 00 AM

MINDFULNESS IN MEDITATION AND BEYOND:   This course will explore our current scientific understanding of mindfulness practices and their positive influence on our health and lives, including: 

  •        Marked and lasting stress reduction 

  •        Increased ability to focus and concentrate and improved clarity of thought 

  •        Release from self-destructive habits of thoughts and emotions 

  •        Increased potential for memory retention and learning 

  •        Greatly enhanced well-being and peace of mind 

We’ll consider some of the spiritual traditions and pioneers that have laid the foundations for modern mindfulness practice. 

We will practice several basic mindfulness meditation techniques.

Finally, we will attempt to extend the knowledge and skills we gain into our everyday lives with the practical application of mindfulness. Come and join Amy Akbas  in this adventure into applied mindfulness, awareness and intentionality. 

BEACHSIDE BOOK CLUB:  Jan Case leads this group and invites new members to join all the veterans for a fascinating hour.  The group has selected the following contemporary books for the winter term:

WINTER 2023:

JAN 12           The Moment of Lift -nonfiction- by Melinda Gates

JAN 19           Suspect by Robert Crais (murder mystery)

JAN 12           The Moment of Lift -nonfiction- by Melinda Gates

JAN 19           Suspect by Robert Crais (murder mystery)
JAN 26           The Flight Girls by Noelle Salazar (fiction about WWII Women Airforce Service Pilots)

FEB 2             The Book of Polly by Kathy Hepinstall (Humorous fiction)

FEB 9             The Book of Lost Friends by Lisa Wingate (historical fiction after Civil War

FEB 16           A Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne

FEB 23           Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelby Van Pelt (fiction about a widow and her relationship with an octopus)

CONVERSATIONAL SPANISH:  Señora Isabel Ochoa-Youssef (bio) will offer, using various modalities such as talking, reading, and writing, experiences that will help you master and speak basic and intermediate Latin-American Spanish.  Spanish has become the second language of many Americans especially here in Florida.  Some knowledge is almost mandatory in south Florida.  You have an opportunity to learn from a native of this language.  Isabel suggests purchasing Spanish Made Simple.  This term, the class will pick up at Lesson 20.  New enrollees are responsible for “catching up” to this point.

S.S.S. (Strength, Stamina and Stability):  Join Wendy Simpson (bio) to improve your overall fitness. Simple movements like marching will get the blood pumping and strength exercises will build muscle endurance and strength. Also included will be exercises to improve your balance and stretches for the entire body. Most of the class can be performed in a chair, if needed. 

ART HISTORY: What is art? What is beauty? Who decides?  Nellie Brannan is an artist, storyteller and retired professor of Art History and Humanities. She has an MFA in Visual Culture from Vermont College and a BS in Education from the University of Georgia (GO DAWGS!)  Specific works of art will be examined to offer insight into ancient cultures. Stories from those cultures will be shared to illuminate their interests, ideas, and values.  Come and join Nellie as she makes her debut at Shepherd’s Center-Beachside!

BEGINNING UKULELE (Ukulele I):  Beginning Ukulele will start at the very beginning. Parts of the instrument, some history, how to hold a uke, tuning, strumming, some chords, and several simple songs. Teacher, Linda Paul (bio), will cover techniques to improve as a player and resources. Students should bring pencils and paper; a ukulele and a music stand if they have them. Several handouts will be provided. A few loaner ukuleles and music stands will be available for in class use only, but students are expected to provide their own instrument after the first class. (They need to be able to practice at home.) A ten-percent discount can be had for ukuleles purchased at Balsa Bill's in Satellite Beach.


CRUISES, RIVERBOATS, & ALL-INCLUSIVE TOURS:  This course explores the history, trends, and future of Cruise Travel. Cruise Travel is enjoying a resurgence due to pent-up demand after a lull during the Pandemic. Riverboats have been one of the fastest-growing segments of Travel.  All-Inclusive Tours offer great value and convenience in traveling through Florida, the US, and Worldwide! Your Instructor, Lee Rosenkranz, CTC is a Certified Travel Counselor, second-generation travel agent, travel writer, and International Tour Guide. Comments or Suggestions can be directed to Lee phone: at 321-259-6300 or by e-mail:

Canceled. FLOWER ARRANGING:  Come and meet our newest teacher, Beverly Christo (bio), as she dazzles you in the fine art of flower arranging.   She will give instruction on the basics of fresh and artificial floral techniques.  The first class will be teaching you to tie a French floral knot which is used in many floral arrangements. Most classes will involve Beverly giving demonstrations, but some classes will involve the students making their own arrangements.  Most supplies will be provided by the instructor, but each student should bring a bucket/tub and an apron on selected days.

BEYOND BEGINNER UKULELE (Ukulele II):  Linda Paul also teaches Ukulele II which is designed for the “Beyond Beginner” ukulele player.  Students bring pencil, paper, music stand and ukulele. Handouts will be provided. Linda will focus on new chords, chord variations, strums and fingerpicking for riffs and melodies.  We will discuss music styles and the chord patterns that are used with them.  A little music theory, as it applies to the ukulele.  We will start an individual repertoire. The final class will be an open mike day where everyone will perform one memorized song of their choosing, alone or in a group.  Any song, even if only 2 chords!

THE HISTORY OF RUSSIA:  Russian history is particularly pertinent today since many historians believe that a country's historical experience and development greatly affect its present-day cultural philosophy and attitudes. This course will help you understand how Russia's past has affected it's present. We will be using The Great Courses lectures by Dr. Mark Steinberg covering Russian history from the unsuccessful Revolution of 1905 through social developments leading to the successful October Revolution of 1917. Moderator Jack Blasy (bio) will share some his experiences and insights from over 40 trips to Russia. 

CREATIVE WRITING:  Stephanie Andrews returns with her fascinating session on how to improve your writing skills.  Stephanie is more than qualified to lead this class.  She has been past president of Seaside Poets, author of first published book, “Memories of Wine & Poetry,” scriptwriter-cast Pigeons Picasso, Associate-John Campbell School, Associate-Atlantic Center for the Arts, and other literary activities.  Join her class to partner with other writers, stretch, search, and solve the reason of words.



9:00 AM

ZUMBA GOLD WITH RO - EXERCIZE IN DISGUIZE:  Join Rochelle Lawandales (bio) and find your happy place as you dance your way to fitness, having fun, staying healthy while not even realizing you are   exercising!  This class is designed for everyone, but primarily those new to Zumba, returning to or starting an exercise program – or just wanting to shake it!  Designed for “older” folks – this class will have you smiling and shaking.

TRIVIA:  You asked, and we brought back this exciting game!  Teams will have a great time trying to remember songs from their youth (distant past), and try to answer trivia questions on travel, geography, history, current events, literature, etc.  Want to have great fun, laugh, be challenged, and rewarded, then come join the game.  Maryann Risi (bio) is the moderator for this delightful class.   

10:00 AM

HAVING FUN COOKING WITH ROSI:  Be one of the twenty people who get accepted for this class.  Due to the small size of the kitchen, registration is limited.  Rosi Oberlander (bio) has traveled all over the world and has accumulated many delightful recipes and culinary tidbits along her journeys.  Rosi’s cooking talents are renowned locally and she is willing to cook for us and share her recipes. 

BUILDING A NATION:  This class will cover the period from the Revolutionary War up to and including the presidency of Abraham Lincoln.  The topics to be discussed will be the Great Compromise, the Louisiana Purchase, Manifest Destiny, the War of 1812, the Monroe Doctrine, and discussion of two presidents each week up to the presidency of Abraham Lincoln.  Bill Ross will be the instructor, a former history teacher for 40 years.

BEGINNING BRIDGE - THIS IS A TWO (2) HOUR CLASS:   Marie Gerlach’s session is for those who have never played or need to relearn a lost skill.  PLEASE, this is a class for beginning players, not a place for the experienced to practice.  Marie will cover the basics:  bidding, responding, making a plan, conventions, and practice…practice…practice! 

iPAD FOR BEGINNERS:  It’s been a while, but Nancy Dennee (bio) is offering an iPad class again. If you still have questions about how best to use your iPad, just got a new iPad for a holiday gift, or need a refresher, this is the class for you. Make sure your iPad is up to date, the latest IOS is 16. We’ll discuss basics and address areas such as: Email, Messaging (texting), FaceTime and Zoom, Apps, Games, Searching, and Streaming. Only iPads will be discussed, sorry. Bring your curiosity and your iPad to this class.  

BEGINNING LINE DANCING:  Join Vicki Little as she, once again, leads us in the fun and exercise that is Line Dancing.  This is a class for both the beginner and the experienced since Vicki introduces something new each week.  One of the joys of Line Dancing is it requires no partner, so come join the fun of this low impact exercise.

11:00 AM

GAMES PEOPLE PLAY:  Nancy Dennee (bio) is back in a new role!  Now, she will conduct this three-ring circus of games.  Rummikub, Dominoes and cards are some of the games from our past times that can once again be enjoyed.  Do not delay since class size is limited and it fills up quickly.  Come join the fun - let’s do it again!  

(Continued from 10:00)

BEGINNING BRIDGE - THIS IS A TWO (2) HOUR CLASS:  (If you registered for this class at 10:00, do not register for anything else at 11:00)


LOCAL, STATE, AND NATIONAL CURRENT EVENTS:  As a former history and civics teacher, as well as a championship Florida high school football coach, Mike Vogt (bio) blitzes the classroom with his arsenal of knowledge about local, state, and national events that shapes the week.  He will begin the class discussing beachside current events and moving on to state and national news.  Occasionally Mike will detour off on that dreaded p-word (politics).  Class participation is highly encouraged!                          

QUILLING:  Jeanie Grabka will be introducing us to a new art form - Quilling, which is the art of rolling narrow pieces of paper, forming shapes, and gluing them closed.  The shapes are then put together to make earrings, greeting card, pictures, or mobiles.  The class will make several projects; your imagination is all that is needed.  Bring a small pair of scissors and a 12" ruler.  Paper, quilling tool and glue will be provided.  

IMPROVER/INTERMEDIATE LINE DANCING:  This class is mainly for those folks with skill levels well above “Beginners.”  Vicki Little  wantl you to know all are welcome.  This session takes the joy of Line Dancing to another level with our resident “pro” Vicki, leading the way.  Come join us and have FUN!

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