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JANET HARAZDA (Posturcize) is orginally from Verona, New Jersey, grew up in a household with three older brothers.  She began her undergrad work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, then transferred to the School of Nursing of the University of Miami, Florida.  After graduating with her B.S. in nursing, she worked on a step-down cardiac unit and then maternity ward at South Miami Hospital.  Janet continued to work as a nurse for 23 years in many different specialties including psychiatry, drug and alcohol rehab, orthopedics, and eye surgery.  Early in her nursing career she had physical problems; specifically in her feet and neck.  At that time Jan met and became a student of Hoshino Therapy®.  Tomezo Hoshino (1910-2000) was an acupuncturist specializing in his own unique acupressure (no needles) technique for rejuvenating the tendons and thereby resolving many bio-mechanical problems such as shoulder and back pain.  Janet decided this avenue of health medicine would become her specialty.  She relishes the practical benefit of providing a naturally effective, drug-free, self-empowering approach to the many repetitive movement issues that affect the general population.  When Jan is not helping others, she enjoys gardening at her home which she calls a controlled jungle.  She also likes contra dancing which combines her love of music and dance in an easy, friendly social scene.  She welcomes anyone to come and talk to her about this or personal musculo-skeletal issues. 
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