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ROBIN CRAMP (What In The World) was born and raised in the county of Cheshire in northern England.  After graduating with a Masters in Chemical Engineering from Leeds University he married and began a family.  His first significant opportunity came with the employment with Canadian Pacific which took him to Toronto and Montreal for three years.  He moved back to Northampton, England, and joined Avon Products and eventually becoming Avon's International Operations Director in 1980.  This career brought him back to the U.S. where he lived in Conneticut and Manhattan, NY.  He worked and traveled globally for ten years out of Manhattan with the responsibilty for 28 countries.  In the middle of this assignment he and his family moved to the Middle East in setting up a new Avon operation there.  He moved back to the UK for a year before returning to the US where he has remained.  In San Francisco, he and his wife, Margaret, ran their own printing company and then moved to Philadelphia and Atlanta to work for a corporate paper behemoth.  Robin came to Brevard seventeen years ago as the COO and later president of a large nutritional product company in Melbourne.  He currently is the executive director for Housing for Homeless in Rockledge, who care for 120 homeless families and individuals including veterans  Robin's hobbies are performing as a solo singer and playing guitar.

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