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CANDANCE B. DRAKE (Near Death Experience & 3x3, Part I & II) was raised in Central Ohio in a small community called Bexley, a bedroom community of Columbus. Her mom’s family was one of the original families in this central Ohio community,  and her family and  community encouraged her to attend college.  She wanted to become a lawyer but women rarely got into law school,  so she went to the Babson Institute for women, in Babson Park, Florida; graduated  with an Associates Degree moved back to Ohio and shortly thereafter married. She and her husband were blessed with two sons and after the youngest started school, she went back to school to earn a Bachelors of Business Administration degree from Ohio Dominican University and started work in telecommunications management. Several years later she went back to Ohio Dominican to earn a teaching certificate and started her Masters Degree at The Ohio State University while teaching full time. She moved to Florida in 1999 to take care of her mother and teaching full time.  At that time she completed her Masters Degree from the University of Florida in Secondary Education. Currently she is an avid reader, swims most every day, and enjoys living.


Part Two of 3 x 3​ continued from class description

Part One of 3 x 3 describes my story into the world of duality and my spiritual awakening including my three Near Death Experiences spread over the last 77 years. Like all humans on this planet called Earth, I have free choice and I desired to be here as our beloved planet, Gaia made Ascension.  Like most other humans on Gaia I have been on this planet through many lifetimes perhaps hundreds and I wanted to be here when in 1987 The Harmonic Convergence occurred. Each of my previous lifetimes was tied to the growth or failure of Gaia to make Ascension. This present lifetime was positioned so that I might see Gaia’s ascension into a new dimension. This is the reason my story begins at my birth in 1946, Gaia was failing in that year and a destructive planet was headed to end Gaia. Yet like my entire generation, the Baby Boomers, came to move our planet toward the light. My entry into this planet at this time was uncertain as was the fate of Gaia. This is also why my true spiritual growth did not begin until 1992 or 11:11 it is often called. This is when the souls on this plane decided to take over the biological growth on this plane my story of the White Blouse fits here. This is a period when my soul and thousands of others on this plane voted to take this huge step forward and move Gaia into Ascension. This was my beginning of my current spiritual development:  In 1994 or 12:12 thousands of soul place holders from our universe left the planet to return home in this period of the change of the magnetic field of Gaia.  This is the reason I am now a Light Barrier; but up until my 73 year I was only identified with the existing dark power of my planet.  My NDE experience was my introduction to the White Light. This first Part of my writings explains these years and the events of my Three Near Death Experiences.


Part Two is about Gaia and how its change affects you and our Ascending Planet Gaia. If you are reading these materials, you have experienced change in Gaia and your soul. Nothing seems to be the same. It is the magnetic force field of Gaia has changed and you and your soul feel it. Part Two will introduce you to Gaia as she is today and what you can be as a Light Barrier or not, it will briefly reintroduce you to who I am and my Three Near Death Experience. Teaching will then go into who Gaia is and how she has developed from her very beginnings.

The next two or three lessons go into Human Development, and Gold of the Gods which will tie the ancients into what we are now. Included here we will talk about changes of who we are now, you may have noticed the aging population, and new medical advances. We will also talk about biological changes in the animals of this plane.

  We will then explore the new humans or savants and Indigo Children and autism. In this section will also discuss Karma or lack of it, implants, and imprints. Much of Part One talks about my own transition and elimination of Karma so I can readily understand these concepts.

The next lessons are about Human development and how it will change so that indeed in your next reincarnation you will not recognize the humans of this earth: there will be no more war, they will have no karma, they will remember passed lives and lessons learned, they will live extended lives, and will be a part of the leadership of our universe into new fields of science. Science and Spirituality will become united as one. 

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