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9:00 AM

101     WHAT IN THE WORLD:  Robin Cramp has traveled extensively throughout the world and lived overseas giving him a deep insight on how the U.S. is viewed by our friends and foes.  His weekly sessions cover current events, and surveys the geographical limitations, political upheavals, and economic struggles of these areas.  Robin’s abounding professionalism and his enchanting British delivery causes this class to fill up rapidly. 

102     FLORIDA GARDENING:  This semester, we will get ready for spring.  Florida is the first state to get to see the new seeds for the year.  Companies are happy to present colorful and rare introductions for our gardening pleasure.  If you are a seed catalog recipient, you may see them over the winter break.  We will focus on garden landscapes this semester. Garden problems and questions are always welcome.  Come join the conversation with Master Gardener, Jane Mandeville.

103     GREAT PEOPLE OF THE NEW TESTAMENT:  Tom Sanders will be the teacher for this class which will use a DVD series from The Great Courses.  Each week, the class will explore the life of a different New Testament Figure.  We will learn about John the Baptist, the Virgin Mary, several of the Apostles as well as other personalities in the New Testament.  Along the way, we learn a something more about the Christian faith.

104     BASICS OF PERSONAL FINANCE:  This financial workshop is designed for those new to investing who would like to more deeply understand some concepts related to budgeting, investing and planning.  Rusty Stuart, financial advisor for Edward Jones, will explore areas many retirees utilize but would like to know more about.  His eight-week lesson plan is as follows: 

APR 7             Rules of the Road

APR 14           Preparing Your Estate

APR 21           Stocks: The Nuts and Bolts

APR 28           Ready or Not? Preparing for the Unexpected

MAY 5             Focus on Fixed Income

MAY 12           Retirement by Design

MAY 19           An Investors Tour of Mutual Funds 

MAY 26           Tax-Free Investing

105     INTRODUCTION TO THE SPANISH LANGUAGE:  Señora Isabel Ochoa-Youssef will introduce us to easy Spanish phases and sayings in this session.  If you are new to this language, this is the session for you.  Basic terms such as days, time, counting, food, and travels are a few of the topics Isabel will cover.  Isabel suggests you may want to purchase Spanish Made Simple.  Some copies are available for purchase at a discounted rate. Isabel will be continuing from the last term and begin on Lesson 5.  New students will be expected to catch up from the beginning.

10:00 AM

201      SCIENCE IN YOUR LIFE:  Tom Sanders explores the physics of everyday events and is both informative and fun.  It will lead us to a deeper understanding of the universe, and it is both a course in physics as well as an explanation of how things work.  This semester we will learn about the physics of heat and cooking as well as a variety of topics including GPS, lasers, nuclear energy, and the universe.

202     BEGINNING UKULELE (Ukulele I):  Beginning Ukulele will start at the very beginning. Parts of the instrument, some history, how to hold a uke, tuning, strumming, some chords and several simple songs. Teacher, Linda Paul, will cover techniques to improve as a player and resources. Students should bring pencils and paper; a ukulele and a music stand if they have them. Several handouts will be provided. A few loaner ukuleles and music stands will be available for in class use only, but students are expected to provide their own instrument after the first class. (They need to be able to practice at home.) 

203     CONVERSATIONAL SPANISH:  Señora Isabel Ochoa-Youssef will offer various modalities of teaching such as talking, reading, and writing, experiences that will help you master and speak basic and intermediate Latin-American Spanish.  Spanish has become the second language of many Americans especially here in Florida.  Some knowledge is almost mandatory in south Florida.  You have an opportunity to learn from a native of this language.  Isabel suggests purchasing Spanish Made Simple.  Copies will be made available in class at a discounted rate.  This term, the class will pick up at Lesson 12.  New enrollees are welcome but are responsible for “catching up” to this point.

204      A CLOSER LOOK AT SOUTH BREVARD COUNTY - PART 2:  Are you interested in learning more about beautiful South Brevard County?  Elaine Butts will teach this course with a myriad of audio-visual medium as well as guest speakers.  The classes will continue to focus on life in beautiful Brevard County!  Presentations by special guest speakers will include information on services available to seniors, cultural activities, safety/law enforcement, and a remembrance of the work of Zora Neale Hurston by Dr. Gordon Patterson.  Elaine will continue a historical review from Part 1, beginning with the 1920’s.  We hope you will join her!

205      POSTURCIZE:  Learn a fun, simple to do exercise routine that will strengthen your muscles for good posture and improve joint movement.  Look and feel great, keep fit, and prevent pain!  This session is led by Janet Harazda, a Registered Nurse (FL 936802) and Licensed Massage Therapist (MA24421) specializing in Hoshino Therapy©, a manual technique and body of practical knowledge for the rejuvenation of overused or stressed tendons.  Wear loose comfortable clothing and bring an exercise mat.

206     KNITTING:  Come enjoy some conversation while knitting or crocheting.  We will also try to throw in some new techniques such as making cables, adding beads or felting.  Join Shannon Miller for this hour of fun while learning something new.

11: 00 AM

301     THE SCIENCE OF MINDFULNESS MEDITATION:   This course is a continuation of study of the science behind meditation as the path to well-being. In recent decades, modern science has dramatically confirmed what advanced meditators have long claimed—that meditation, correctly practiced, offers deep and lasting benefits for mental functioning and emotional health, as well as for physical health and well-being.  The many practical benefits of meditation include

  • marked and lasting reduction of stress

  • increased ability to focus and concentrate, as well as clarity of thinking

  • freedom from detrimental patterns of thought and emotion

  • increased learning capacity and memory; and

  • greatly enhanced well-being and peacefulness.


Each class will end with various forms of meditation practice.  Come and join Leslie Johansen as we explore this fascinating practice.

302     BEACHSIDE BOOK CLUB:  Jan Case moderates this group and invites new members to join all the veterans for a fascinating hour.  The group has selected the following contemporary books for the winter term:


SPRING 2022:


APR 7        Dead Wake:  the last crossing of the Lusitania-NF -Eric Larson

APR 14      Cocoa Beach -Beatriz Williams

APR 21      The Eye of the Needle -Ken Follett

APR 28      Death at La Fenice -Donna Leon

MAY 5       The Glass Universe:  how the ladies of the Harvard Observatory took measure 

                         of the stars -NF -Dava Sobel

MAY 12      Atonement -Ian McEwan

MAY 19      Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle-Stop Cafe -Fannie Flagg

MAY 26      Luncheon

303      THE HISTORY OF RUSSIA:  Russian history is particularly pertinent today since many historians believe that a country's historical experience and development greatly affect its present-day cultural philosophy and attitudes. This course will help you understand how Russia's past has affected it's present. We will be using Great Courses lectures by Dr. Mark Steinberg covering Russian history from the time of Alexander l, about 1800 through Nicholas l in the mid 19th century. Moderator Jack Blasy will share some his experiences and insights from over 40 trips to Russia. 

304      BEYOND BEGINNER UKULELE (Ukulele II):  Ukulele II is designed for the “Beyond Beginner” ukulele player.  Students bring pencil, paper, music stand and ukulele. Handouts will be provided.  Linda Paul, accomplished ukulele player, will focus on new chords, chord variations, strums and fingerpicking for riffs and melodies.  We will discuss music styles and the chord patterns that are used with them.  A little music theory, as it applies to the ukulele.  We will start an individual repertoire. Our final class will be an open mike day where everyone will perform one memorized song of their choosing, alone or in a group.  Any song, even if only 2 chords!

305      THE NATIONAL PARKS: Lee Rosenkranz, CTC (Certified Travel Counselor)  will lead an in-depth look into the National Parks. This class goes beyond the beautiful scenery called "America's Best Idea" in the Ken Burns Series used in the class. Learn the background of the people who made the parks happen including Politicians, Financiers, Teachers, Laborers, Artists, Photographers, and Scholars. To receive a Syllabus of the class text 321-544-3758 or call 321-259-6300 or by e-mail: and on the



9:00 AM

501      iPAD USES, APPLICATIONS, AND TOOLS:  So many of us purchase an iPad and never really know how to use it.  If you are only checking your email, it’s time to attend this informative class.  Nancy Armes will tailor the class to some of your suggestions.  Topics include keeping information safe, adding and deleting apps, and what does iCloud do for me.  You must have an iPad to bring to class.  Class is limited to 15.

502      TRIVIA:  You asked, and we brought back this exciting game!  Teams will have a great time trying to remember songs from their youth (distant past), and try to answer trivia questions on travel, geography, history, current events, literature, etc.  Want to have great fun, laugh, be challenged, and rewarded, then come join the game.  Longtime trivia student, Maryann Risi debuts as the interim Trivia moderator.  She brings new material that will surely stump you.

503     DIGITAL PAINTING WITH iPAD: Nancy Williamson will teach this new and rewarding course. This class is especially for beginners who would like to create amazing paintings.  No previous drawing or painting skills required.  You must have an Apple Pencil and an iPad that is compatible with the Apple Pencil.  See information below for iPads that are compatible with the Apple Pencil and the “Procreate App” which must be downloaded to your iPad before the first class. Make sure Procreate is supported on your particular iPad before attempting to download.  The App is available in the Apple App store ($9.98). As a special inducement to take this course, Shepherd’s Center will credit you $10.00 on next term’s registration fee.  There may be other stylus that can be used with the iPad; however, they may not work with the app, or the results may be unsatisfactory.  Questions about requirements?  Contact me at These are the paintings the class will do this term. (click here).       

10:00 AM

601     THE AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR:  This session will look at the events that shocked the world as the Thirteen Colonies defeated the super European power of Eighteenth Century England.  We will discuss the events leading to the war, the important leaders of both sides, the major battles, and the outcome.  Bill Ross, a retired history teacher of forty years, will be the instructor for the class.

602      HAVING FUN COOKING WITH ROSI:  Be one of the twenty people who get accepted for this class.  Due to the small size of the kitchen, registration is limited.  Rosi Oberlaender has traveled all over the world and has accumulated many delightful recipes and culinary tidbits along her journeys.  Rosi’s cooking talents are renowned locally and she is willing to cook for us and share her recipes.

603      LOCAL, STATE, AND NATIONAL CURRENT EVENTS:  As a former history and civics teacher, as well as a championship Florida high school football coach, Mike Vogt blitzes the classroom with his arsenal of knowledge about local, state, and national events that shapes the week.  He will begin the class discussing beachside current events and moving on to state and national news.  Occasionally Mike will detour off on that dreaded p-word (politics).  Class participation is highly encouraged!

604     BEGINNING LINE DANCING:  Join Vicki Little & Lenora Corbett as they, once again, leads us in fun and exercise with Line Dancing.  This is a class for both the beginner and the experienced since Vicki introduces something new each week.  One of the joys of Line Dancing is it requires no partner, so come join the fun of this low impact exercise.  This term, Lenora Corbett will be substituting for Vicki as she recovers from knee surgery.

605      CREATIVE WRITING:  Stephanie Andrews returns with her fascinating session on how to improve your writing skills.  Stephanie is more than qualified to lead this class.  She has been past president of Seaside Poets, author of first published book, “Memories of Wine & Poetry,” scriptwriter-cast Pigeons Picasso, Associate-John Campbell School, Associate-Atlantic Center for the Arts, and other literary activities.  Join her class to partner with other writers, stretch, search, and solve the reason of words.

11:00 AM


701      GAMES PEOPLE PLAY:  Come on down!  Our new moderator for games, Gina Latimer & Margaret Moore will conduct this three-ring circus of games.  Rummikub, Dominoes and cards are some of the games from our past times that can once again be enjoyed.  Do not delay since class size is limited and it fills up quickly.  Come join the fun - let’s do it again!


702    MAHJONGG FOR BEGINNERS:  Mahjongg is a tile-based game that originated in China during the Qing Dynasty.  It is commonly played with four players, and is a game of skill, strategy, calculation and involves a degree of chance.  Judy Carr will be the instructor for this limited size class.

703      CIRCLE OF LIFE: NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE:  While most adults know about death, we don’t understand it, and as Baby Boomers, many are looking to understand this next phase beyond living - its opposite: death!  This class is going to explore these seemingly opposite topics: dying/living and death/healing.  These ideas are presented by Candance B. Drake, M.Ed., who has experienced a Near Death Experience coupled with years of reading, listening, asking questions, meditating, and writing about this subject.  Join Candy for this informative new course.

704     CONVERSATIONAL SPANISH - The Friday Edition:  Señora Manuela Vasey debuts as our newest Spanish teacher for Fridays.  She will assess your level of proficiency and begin teaching by having you talking, reading, and writing Latin-American Spanish.  Spanish has become the second language of many Americans especially here in Florida; some knowledge is almost mandatory.  You have an opportunity to learn this beautiful language from a native of Ecuador.  Manuela suggests purchasing Spanish Made Simple. Copies will be made available in class at a discounted rate. 

12:00 NOON


801     LINE DANCING – INTERMEDIATE:  This class is mainly for those folks with skill levels well above “Beginners.”  However, Vicki Little & Lenora Corbett wants you to know all are welcome.  This session takes the joy of Line Dancing to another level with our resident “pro” Vicki, leading the way.  Come join us and have FUN!  This session, Lenora Corbett will be substituting for Vicki as she is recovering from knee surgery.

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