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REV. ROBERT COSMAS (Hallelujah, The Bible & Handel's Messiah)

Pastor Rob Cosmas comes to us with 24 years of rostered experience. Personal Mission Statement: My inspiration- Jesus’ promise of abundant life for all (John 10:10). My passion- love God and share the power of the Gospel (Romans 1:16). My mission- build, guide, shape, and nurture communities in the ‘Way of the Cross’ (Mark 8:34). My vision- passionately further God’s kingdom of love, reconciling all people unto Him (Romans 8:28-39).

The Cosmas Clan: Janelle is my partner in ministry, confidant, and friend of 33 years. She is an educator with 16 years of elementary teaching experience who has really found a niche as a nanny. Janelle is a ministry fire starter who delights in pitching in and getting things going. Pastor Rob’s and Janelle’s children and grandchildren: Connor and Mandy started their family quickly with a set of twins (Rowan and Ocean) and a new baby girl (Camille), Sarah is a senior at Seminole State, and Asher just began his junior year at UCF.

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