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When are the classes held each year?


There are three terms of eight weeks of classes each year.  Our Fall Term begins in late September, the Winter Term begins in early January and the Spring Term begins in early April.  There are no Summer classes.


What is the cost?


The cost for the whole term is $20 per individual.  This single fee of $20 covers all the classes for Thursday and Friday whether you enroll in one class or several over the two days.


Where are the classes held?


There are two location for each term at one of our sponsoring churches.  Thursday classes rotate each term at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church (Indialantic), and Eastminster Presbyterian Church (Indialantic).  All Friday classes are at Ascension Lutheran Church (Indian Harbour Beach).


How long are the classes?


Classes are 50 minutes long.  This allows for a quick snack, grab a coffee or a bathroom break. The next class starts promptly on the hour.


How long is each session?


Each term is eight weeks long.


How do I get information about the current classes and submit my fees?


If you are reading this, you are looking at our primary information source.  At the toolbar located at the top of each page, click on the CLASSES tab.  Once you know what classes you want to attend, click on the REGISTRATION tab.  You have the option to register online by following the instructions on the automated form or print the form and manually write in the classes you desire and mail in with your payment. The automated online registration is also equipped with online payment. Both online registration and online payment are easy to use.  Hundreds of patrons have successfully registered and paid online.


We are also on Facebook for current day-to-day information such as class closings, teacher announcements, class curriculum changes, etc.  Find us on Facebook at Shepherd Center Beachside Indian Harbour.


Who teaches or moderates the classes?


We are honored to have retired teachers, professors, business professionals and other subject matter experts.  It is  an all-volunteer staff who teach or facilitate the classes.

How can I become a teacher?

If you have an interest in a particular subject that you want to share with others then contact the Shepherd's Center-Beachside director at:


What class topics are offered each term?


Each term the topics vary and may include current events, Yoga, foreign languages, computers, financial, gardening, line dancing, book club, bridge, trivia, Great Courses subjects and many other subjects.

Why do we wear name badges?

By wearing a name badge, our teachers can easliy call on you by name; it gives a personal touch.  Also, you can get to know each other as it could be a first step in a long-lasting friendship.  Beginning the first day of class this term, we are introducing a new system in which you will be issued a new name badge with a customized lanyard.  Unlike before, you will not turn in the badge at the end of the day or even at the end of the term; you will keep the badge with you and bring it to class for as long as you keep enrolling in Shepherd's Center classes. 

Is there another educational forum for seniors similar to Shepherd's Center?

S.A.I.L. (Senior Adventures in Learning).  This group offers classes much like the ones at Shepherd's Center-Beachside;  some of SAIL's teachers are the same.  Go to for more information.

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