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1053 Pinetree Drive

Indian Harbour Beach, Florida


9:00 AM

ZUMBA GOLD WITH RO - EXERCIZE IN DISGUIZE:  Join Rochelle Lawandales (bio) and find your happy place as you dance your way to fitness, having fun, staying healthy while not even realizing you are   exercising!  This class is designed for everyone, but primarily those new to Zumba, returning to or starting an exercise program – or just wanting to shake it!  Designed for “older” folks – this class will have you smiling and shaking.

TRIVIA:  You asked, and we brought back this exciting game!  Teams will have a great time trying to remember songs from their youth (distant past), and try to answer trivia questions on travel, geography, history, current events, literature, etc.  Want to have great fun, laugh, be challenged, and rewarded, then come join the game.  Maryann Risi (bio) is the moderator for this delightful class.  

BEGINNING BRIDGE - THIS IS A TWO (2) HOUR CLASS:   Marie Gerlach’s session is for those who have never played or need to relearn a lost skill.  PLEASE, this is a class for beginning players, not a place for the experienced to practice.  Marie will cover the basics:  bidding, responding, making a plan, conventions, and practice…practice…practice! 


10:00 AM

Continued from 9:00

BEGINNING BRIDGE - THIS IS A TWO (2) HOUR CLASS:   Marie Gerlach’s session is for those who have never played or need to relearn a lost skill.  PLEASE, this is a class for beginning players, not a place for the experienced to practice.  Marie will cover the basics:  bidding, responding, making a plan, conventions, and practice…practice…practice! 

INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL ADVENTURES (AND MISADVENTURES):  Do you have a serious case of wanderlust? Whether you are an independent, group, or armchair adventurer, come and enjoy! A couple travel junkies (Bob Cox & Stan Helm) will share experiences on how to save money, stay safe and have the adventure of a lifetime! Each class will focus on a different country: Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, France, Japan, Italy, China, and Peru. The presenters are academic colleagues and bring different approaches to travel. Stan Helm is a retired accounting professor for several international universities and a CFO. Dr. Bob Cox is the retired director of Webster University’s Melbourne campus and an adjunct for Barry University.

MAHJONGG FOR BEGINNERS and INTERMEDIATE PLAYERS - THIS IS A TWO (2) HOUR CLASS:  Mahjongg is a tile-based game that originated in China during the Qing Dynasty.  It is commonly played with four players, and is a game of skill, strategy, calculation and involves a degree of chance.  Sally Dunn and Judy Lukeman willhost this two-hour class. New players will be given specialized attention to learn the game while the more experienced players will play independently.


HAVING FUN COOKING WITH ROSI:  Be one of the twenty people who get accepted for this class.  Due to the small size of the kitchen, registration is limited.  Rosi Oberlander (bio) has traveled all over the world and has accumulated many delightful recipes and culinary tidbits along her journeys.  Rosi’s cooking talents are renowned locally and she is willing to cook for us and share her recipes.


SURVEY OF OUR PRESIDENTS of the UNITED STATES (POTUS):  This class is about the How’s, Who’s and What’s of our first 16 presidents.   From George Washington through Abraham Lincoln, you will learn many facts and secrets you may not have known such as, how much does the President earn, are presidential executive orders enforceable, what was the imperial presidency, and what can the President accomplish without Congressional approval?  About three presidents will be covered each week. Bill Ross will be the instructor, a former history teacher for 40 years.

BEGINNING LINE DANCING:  Join Vicki Little as she, once again, leads us in the fun and exercise that is Line Dancing.  This is a class for both the beginner and the experienced since Vicki introduces something new each week.  One of the joys of Line Dancing is it requires no partner, so come join the fun of this low impact exercise

THREE TIMES THREE:  Join Candy Drake (bio) as she relates to you her multiple near-death experiences (NDE) and how she embraced Gaia during these esoteric journeys.  What is Gaia? Quite simply, Gaia is life. She is all, the very soul of the earth. She is a goddess who, by all accounts, inhabits the planet, offering life and nourishment to all her children. In the ancient civilizations, she was revered as mother, nurturer, and giver of life. She goes by many names, but to better connect and understand this energy, let’s explore the myriad of forms in which she appears on Earth.


In Candy’s words:


Yes, I died three times and returned to life three times. Wait can that be right? Am I really a 3x3 NDE experiencer? Talk about not getting things right the first time?? How about three times it took to get life right? I am certain that I got it right this time because I heard spirit direct me back with these words:  She stays here, she stays here! So, for the first time in my 77 years, I know why and for what reason this lifetime has nearly ended and yet restarted again three different times. 

I am tied to spirit, Gaia (earth) and soul just like all of mankind, but my job required me to be present on Gaia during energy shift changes. This accounts for my first birth in 1946, as one of the Baby Boomers who chose to come to Gaia even though I knew Gaia was on a direct pathway of a destructive asteroid called Myrva. Gaia was a failing planet lacking in light energy. Yet, like all Baby Boomers were wanted to be here to love those souls who would be involved. As Boomers we put Gaia back on the path to Light and to become the planet of Peace and Love.  We are now seeing and experiencing the changes that started in 1987, 1994, and 2012. Gaia’s energy grid has changed, this is why our weather is out of balance, why our beloved Gaia is one point seven degrees further east making do north no longer magnetic north. This is also the reason that some thought to be extinct birds, fish and animals are suddenly reappearing. This is scientific fact, but then look at pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope, these are scientific fact but look like illusion. This is the reason I teach. I am especially drawn to old souls those of us who have lived on this planet many times, we are rich in wisdom and have much to share and you chose to be here in this now of our planet.  

I have some wonderful things to share with you about the new Gaia, some idea seeds to plant with you about the new Gaia the planet and life that our future generations will experience due to the seeds we planted. 

Join me for class as we plant new ideas and get to know about the wonderful planet of Peace and Love Gaia will offer to future generations.


One of my students said about my class: This class has taught me it is ok to think differently, have more spiritual feelings and thoughts and experience things differently than others, even if some people think maybe I am just a little off balance. 


11:00 AM

Hallelujah! Get Ready for Christmas (Bible Study)


HALLELUJAH: THE BIBLE AND HANDEL’S MESSIAH PART I:  Last Spring, we introduced you to Handel’s Messiah as it was related to the theme of Jesus’ resurrection. This time we examine the Messiah as it relates to Jesus’s birth. That’s right, we take up the Incarnational Cycle; Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany. 

Rev. Robert L. Cosmas, (bio) senior pastor, Ascension Lutheran Church, will be teaching and moderating this course. Important: No previous experience necessary!  You need not have taken my previous course. A curious mind and a love for Christmas is the only prerequisites. All are welcome!

Text: Libretto, by Charles Jennens, provided 

Resource text Not Required: Students may order paperback $17.00.

Kerygma - Hallelujah Resource Book, The Bible and Handel's Messiah, By Carol M. Bechtel, from Cokesbury Publishers also at used copies are available online.

The prophetic work of librettist, Charles Jennens, will again serve as our text. This time we’ll toss in Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carole too!  What does old Ebeneezer have to do with Handel? Come and see!


Join Pastor Rob as he takes you to the 18th century to explore the most renowned Oratorio in all of Christendom.  This time we will meet Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim and the Ghosts of Christmas’ Past, Present and Future.  

“Say boy, what day is it?”  “Why it’s Christmas Day sir!”


For a Preview Taste visit:

GAMES PEOPLE PLAY:  Nancy Dennee (bio) is back in a new role!  Now, she will conduct this three-ring circus of games.  Rummikub, Dominoes and cards are some of the games from our past times that can once again be enjoyed.  Do not delay since class size is limited and it fills up quickly.  Come join the fun - let’s do it again! 

QUILLING:  Jeanie Grabka will be introducing us to a new art form - Quilling, which is the art of rolling narrow pieces of paper, forming shapes, and gluing them closed.  The shapes are then put together to make earrings, greeting card, pictures, or mobiles.  The class will make several projects; your imagination is all that is needed.  Bring a small pair of scissors and a 12" ruler.  Paper, quilling tool and glue will be provided. 

LOCAL, STATE, AND NATIONAL CURRENT EVENTS:  As a former history and civics teacher, as well as a championship Florida high school football coach, Mike Vogt (bio) blitzes the classroom with his arsenal of knowledge about local, state, and national events that shapes the week.  He will begin the class discussing beachside current events and moving on to state and national news.  Occasionally Mike will detour off on that dreaded p-word (politics).  Class participation is highly encouraged!                          

LINE DANCING – HIGH BEGINNER/IMPROVER:  This class is a follow-on to our beginner class.  High beginner adds different steps and Improver is just a little harder. If you are a beginner, you should be able to keep up with us.  Don’t let it scare you – Vicki Little wants you to know Everyone is Welcome!


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