9:00 AM



501     POSTURCIZE:  Learn a fun, simple to do exercise routine that will strengthen your muscles for good posture and improve joint movement.  Look and feel great, keep fit, and prevent pain!  This session is led by Janet Harazda, a Registered Nurse (FL 936802) and Licensed Massage Therapist (MA24421) specializing in Hoshino Therapy©, a manual technique and body of practical knowledge for the rejuvenation of overused or stressed tendons.  Wear loose comfortable clothing and bring an exercise mat.  



502   TRIVIA:  This is a class in which you'll know more than you think you do!  Teams will have a great time trying to remember songs from their youth (distant past), and try to answer trivia questions on travel, geography, history, current events, literature, etc.  Want to have great fun, laugh, be challenged and rewarded, then come join the game.  Fran Bingnear, our resident genius, will be your host with the most!  



503   iPHONE BASICS:  So, you bought an iPhone but really don’t know how to use it effectively.  While Debbie is away this term, Nancy Armes will challenge you to learn the basic functions of your iPhone.  It is a phone, a camera, a mailbox, a calendar, filing cabinet and a computer all in one neat package.  This class is designed to address the topics you are struggling with daily.  Nancy promises to keep it simple.  You must have an Apple iPhone to use in class.  We are limited to 20 students.



504    BEGINNING BRIDGE - THIS IS A TWO (2) HOUR CLASS:  Marie Gerlach’s session is for those who have never played or need to relearn a lost skill.  PLEASE, this is a class for beginning players, not a place for the experienced to practice.  Marie will cover the basics:  bidding, responding, making a plan, conventions, and practice…practice…practice!  


10:00 AM

601     LINE DANCING:  Join Vicki Little as she, once again, leads us in fun and exercise with Line Dancing.  This is a class for both the beginner and the experienced since Vicki introduces something new each week.  One of the joys of Line Dancing is it requires no partner, so come join the fun of this low impact exercise.  



602     THE AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR:  This session will look at the events that shocked the world as the Thirteen Colonies defeated the super European power of Eighteenth Century England.  We will discuss the events leading to the war, the important leaders of both sides, the major battles, and the final outcome.  Bill Ross, a retired history teacher of forty years, will be the instructor for the class.  



603     THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART:  Return this spring session to revisit our own American treasure:  The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, we'll see examples of Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Asian art.  American Art and some special collections will also be viewed.  Join with fellow art lovers in our shared discussion of mutual interests.  Facilitator - Regina Scott.



604     iPAD PLUS:  If you still need a little help getting the most out of your iPad, please join Nancy Dennee in this iPad class for those who are comfortable with iPad usage.  Make sure to update to the latest IOS system 13.   Only iPads will be discussed, sorry.  Beginner class will be offered in the future.  Bring your curiosity and your iPad to this class.    



605   HAVING FUN COOKING WITH ROSI:  Be one of the twenty people who get accepted for this class.  Due to the small size of the kitchen, registration is limited.  Rosi Oberlaender has traveled all over the world and has accumulated many delightful recipes and culinary tidbits along her journeys.  Rosi’s cooking talents are renowned locally and she is willing to cook for us and share her recipes.  


606   BEGINNER’S MAHJONGG - THIS IS A TWO (2) HOUR CLASS: Limited to 8 enrollees.  



607   INTERMEDIATE MAHJONGG - THIS IS A TWO (2) HOUR CLASS: Limited to 8 enrollees.  


Mahjongg is a tile-based game that originated in China during the Qing Dynasty.  It is commonly played with four players, and is a game of skill, strategy, calculation and involves a degree of chance.  Judy Carr will be the primary instructor for these limited size classes.  


11:00 AM


701     HOW OUR GOVERNMENT SHOULD WORK:  As a former history and civics teacher, Mike Vogt returns to the classroom to refresh your knowledge of basic government civics that you studied in your youth.  He will begin the class discussing current events of the week then applying those actions to the timeless systems and processes that are governed by the U.S. Constitution and its many controversial amendments.  This term will look at our English rule from colonial times and why our founding fathers formed the Constitution that we still live by today.  Also, the judicial, legislative, and executive branches of government will be closely examined.  



702   GAMES PEOPLE PLAY:  Come on down!  Once again, Donna Noeske will conduct this three-ring circus of games.  Rummikub, Dominoes and cards are some of the games from our past times that can once again be enjoyed.  Do not delay since class size is limited and it fills up quickly.  Come join the fun - let’s do it again!  



703   YOGA STRETCH:  Want to improve balance, coordination, and flexibility?  Then come join Diane Nelson for another of her popular sessions.  Each term, she adds something new and this term will be no different.  All levels are welcome.  Bring your yoga mat and come stretch with us.  


704   BUILDING A NATION:  This class will cover the time period from the Revolutionary War up to and including the presidency of Andrew Jackson.  The topics to be discussed will be the Great Compromise, the Louisiana Purchase, Manifest Destiny, the War of 1812, the Monroe Doctrine, and the presidency of Andrew Jackson.  Bill Ross will be the instructor, a former history teacher for 40 years.  


12:00 NOON


801     LINE DANCING – INTERMEDIATE:  This class is mainly for those folks with skill levels well above “Beginners.”  However, Vicki Little wants you to know all are welcome.  This session takes the joy of Line Dancing to another level with our resident “pro” Vicki, leading the way.  Come join us and have FUN!