9:00 AM


101     ZUMBA GOLD WITH RO - EXERCIZE IN DISGUIZE:  Join Rochelle Lawandales and find your happy place as you dance your way to fitness, having fun, staying healthy while not even realizing you are   exercising!  This class is designed for everyone, but primarily those new to Zumba, returning to or starting an exercise program – or just wanting to shake it!  Designed for “older” folks – this class will have you smiling and shaking. 



102     FLORIDA GARDENING:  Don’t let the heat keep you from your yard. We will discuss heat loving plants, fruits, and continue with landscaping ideas. Making a succulent wreath will be one class. Another will be herbs for the kitchen.  Join Jane Mandeville, 23-year Master Gardener, for conversation about your time in the garden.



103     BASICS OF PERSONAL FINANCE:  This course is designed for those new to investing who would like to more deeply understand some concepts related to budgeting, investing and planning.  Rusty Stuart, financial advisor for Edward Jones, will explore areas many retirees utilize but would like to know more about.  His eight-week lesson plan is as follows: 


APR 2       Rules of the Road

APR 9       Ready or Not? Preparing for the Unexpected

APR 16     Stocks: The Nuts and Bolts

APR 23     Preparing Your Estate Plan with Attorney Scott Dixon

APR 30     Focus on Fixed Income

MAY 7      What Happens After the Paycheck Stops

MAY 14    An Investors Tour of Mutual Funds 

MAY 21    Tax-Free Investing


104   THE OLD TESTAMENT PART 2, The Wisdom Literature & Prophets - Seeing Jesus Through the Lens of the Old Testament:  Most of us spend the majority of our bible reading time in the New Testament and for good reason.  If you want to know about Christianity, reading the words of Jesus is certainly a solid place to start.  When it comes to the Old Testament, many Christians shy away from it, or look only at a few well-known sections.  To us in the 21st century, much of the Old Testament seems obscure, and difficult and frankly boring.  We struggle with the complex history, the diverse cultures, and the theological content contained with the Old Testament.  The result is often a neglect of the Old Testament.  Let’s fix that!   Join Rev. Todd Schmidtetter of Holy Apostles Episcopal Church

as he guides you through the Old Testament looking at the major themes and events that shape the Christian understanding of God, ourselves, and the world around us.  



105     WHAT IN THE WORLD:  Robin Cramp has traveled extensively throughout the world and lived overseas giving him a deep insight on how the U.S. is viewed by our friends and foes.  His weekly sessions cover current events, and surveys the geographical limitations, political upheavals and economic struggles of these areas.  Robin’s abounding professionalism and his enchanting British delivery causes this class to fill up rapidly.  Even if you do not take this course, see Robin and sign up for his monthly newsletter on current world affairs.



10:00 AM


201     SCIENCE IN YOUR LIFE:  Tom Sanders explores the physics of everyday events and is both informative and fun.  It will lead us to a deeper understanding of the universe, and it is more than a course in physics and more than a laundry list of "how things work." In fact, it combines the two, offering a back-and-forth interplay between everyday applications of physics and the concepts needed to understand them.  This semester we will concentrate on semiconductors and electronics and their applications.


202   CREATIVE WRITING:  Stephanie Andrews returns with her fascinating session on how to improve your writing skills.  Stephanie is more than qualified to lead this class.  She has been past president of Seaside Poets, author of first published book, “Memories of Wine & Poetry,” scriptwriter-cast Pigeons Picasso, Associate-John Campbell School, Associate-Atlantic Center for the Arts, and other literary activities.  Join her class to partner with other writers, stretch, search, and solve the reason of words.



203   TRAVEL COLORS & SPRING FLOWERS – GARDEN AND RANCH TOUR SPOTS IN FLORIDA AND AROUND THE WORLD:  Join Lee Rosenkranz, CTC (Certified Travel Counselor) from Florida Greeters and Dayaway Travel Club as he takes you to the top garden spots and destinations in Florida, other states and internationally. You will discover many types of beautiful gardens including the five main Butterfly Gardens of Florida and the largest in the World! 

  • The Amazon Rainforest Butterfly Garden in Gainesville at the University of Florida

  • Lukas Butterfly Garden in Oveido

  • Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory

  • Butterfly World in Coconut Creek

  • The Caladium Festival is an annual event in Lake Placid

The Florida State Parks are perennial winners of our nation’s top gold medal honors.  Besides the size and beauty of the parks there is also a diversity about them along with some historic and cultural aspects.  


The Kissimmee State Cow Camp recreates a 1850's cattle drive setting on weekends and displays the State’s rich cattle heritage with a period costume guide.  Tampa’s Ybor City opens up the homes of the former cigar rollers given to them by the company.  Rainbow Springs Park is a beautiful display of Waterfalls and Foliage which once was a tourist theme park, but the first magnitude spring and clear waters are still a hidden gem to view. A slow float down the Jungle like setting and cool Ichetucknee Springs is arguably the most delightful thing you can do in Florida in the Summer, bar none! Whether you are an arm-chair traveler (view the pictures) or a world adventure traveler (take or be in the pictures) you will learn about a hidden undiscovered and preserved Florida.  Round Table Discussion Groups, you choose the topics Pictures, Videos, (How I spent my Summer Vacation).  If you want to request a specific topic or receive a syllabus, you can email Lee at or call 321-259-6300.



204     INTRODUCTION TO THE SPANISH LANGUAGE:  Señora Isabel Ochoa-Youssef will introduce us to easy Spanish phases and sayings in this session.  If you are new to this language, this is the session for you.  Basic terms such as days, time, counting, food, and travels are a few of the topics Isabel will cover.  She suggests purchasing Spanish Made Simple.  Isabel will be continuing chapter 11, which is a review chapter. Beginners are welcome and will be accommodated.  Please be sure to review chapters 1 to 10, English and Spanish versions.



205    QUILTING CLASS:   This quilting session will be a “Sit and Sew” format.  Quilters are invited to bring a “work-in-progress” that they need help with or bring a new project they are undertaking that may need assistance.  A simple quilting project will be available to do.  Students will bring their own supplies.  The Satellite Beach United Methodist QUILTERS CLUB will be your class leaders and bring years of experience/expertise to this session.


11: 00 AM



301     THE SCIENCE OF MINDFULNESS MEDITATION:   This course is a continuation of study of the science behind meditation as the path to well-being. Some topics to be covered are: Solitude, Sadness, and Transforming Chronic Pain.  Each class will end with various forms of meditation practice.  Come and join Leslie Johansen as we explore this fascinating practice.



302     CONVERSATIONAL SPANISH:  Señora Isabel Ochoa-Youssef will offer, through the use of various modalities such as talking, reading and writing, experiences that will help you master and speak basic and intermediate Latin-American Spanish.  Spanish has become the second language of many Americans especially here in Florida.  Some knowledge is almost mandatory in south Florida.  You have an opportunity to learn from a native of this language.  Isabel suggests purchasing Spanish Made Simple.  This term, the class will pick up at Lesson 37.  New enrollees are responsible for “catching up” to this point.



303     KNITTING:  Come enjoy some conversation while knitting or crocheting.  We will also try to throw in some new techniques such as making cables, adding beads or felting.  Join Shannon Miller for this hour of fun while learning something new.



304   BACK CARE BASICS:  Back problems are a major health problem in our culture.  The human back reflects the disharmonies of our sedentary western lifestyles.  Yoga and Pilates which have both been gaining in popularity over the last several decades are two mind–body exercise interventions that address both the physical and mental aspects of back pain with core strengthening, flexibility and relaxation.  This class will incorporate Yoga and Pilates exercises as well breathing and relaxation practices to help prevent and alleviate back pain and postural misalignment.  Also, this class will have both a standing and floor exercise component.  You will need to bring a mat, a strap for stretching and a firm small pillow or folded blanket to use for support while sitting and lying down.  Sylvia Emmons RN MA will lead the class.  She is an Exercise Physiologist certified in Yoga and Pilates.



305     BEACHSIDE BOOK CLUB:  Jan Case moderates this group and invites new members to join all the veterans for a fascinating hour.  The group has selected the following contemporary books for the fall term:


SPRING 2020:


APR 2                  The Pioneers: the heroic story of the settlers who brought the American ideal West by David McCullough - nonfiction

APR 9                  An Irish Country Doctor by Patrick Taylor

APR 16                Miracle Creek by Angie Kim

APR 23                 Sold On A Monday by Kristina McMorris

APR 30                            -- select books for next term -- 


MAY 7                 Furious Hours: murder, fraud and the last trial of Harper Lee by Casey Cep - nonfiction

MAY 14               The Gown: a novel of the royal wedding by Jennifer Robson

MAY 21               The Doll House by Fiona Davis