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9:00 AM

WHAT IN THE WORLD:  Robin Cramp (bio) has traveled extensively throughout the world and lived overseas giving him a deep insight on how the U.S. is viewed by our friends and foes.  His weekly sessions cover current events, and surveys the geographical limitations, political upheavals, and economic struggles of these areas.  Robin’s abounding professionalism and his enchanting British delivery causes this class to fill up rapidly.  

GREAT PEOPLE OF THE NEW TESTAMENT:  Tom Sanders (bio) will be the teacher for this class which will use a DVD series from the Great Courses.  Each week, the class will explore the life of a different New Testament Figure.  We will learn about Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and Paul, as well as other personalities in the New Testament.  Along the way, we learn a something more about the Christian faith.​

CRAFTY CORNER:   Join Bernadette (Matousek), Margaret (Moore), and Nancy (Dennee) (bio) when they bring Christmas to spring! Consensus says there’s never enough time to make Christmas “stuff” so they’re slipping in some new and beloved ornaments and decorations, a small sewing machine might appear, and, as always, friendly chatter among the crafters. Last session included decoupage, bookmarks, rock painting, iris paper cards, origami, chocolate goodies, and bunnies! Don’t miss out on the creativity this session.


BASICS OF PERSONAL FINANCE:  This course is designed for those new to investing who would like to more deeply understand some concepts related to budgeting, investing, and planning.  Rusty Stuart (bio), financial advisor for Edward Jones, will explore areas many retirees utilize but would like to know more about.  His eight-week lesson plan is as follows: 

APR 13           Rules of the Road

APR 20           Preparing your estate

APR 27           Stocks: The Nuts and Bolts

MAY 4            Ready or Not? Preparing for the Unexpected

MAY 11          Focus on Fixed Income

MAY 25          Retirement by Design

MAY 23         An Investors Tour of Mutual Funds 

JUN 1            Tax Free Investing

INTRODUCTION TO THE SPANISH LANGUAGE:  Señora Isabel Ochoa-Youssef (bio) will introduce us to easy Spanish phases and sayings in this session.  If you are new to this language, this is the session for you.  Basic terms such as days, time, counting, food, and travels are a few of the topics Isabel will cover.  This term, in our Spanish Made Simple book, we will start with Chapter 6.  Copies of this book are available for purchase in class.






10:00 AM


THE SCIENCE OF MATTER: This entertaining DVD course is taught by a Professor of Chemistry at Cleveland State University. The study of matter has led directly to such inventions as new fabrics for clothes, powerful chemicals for medicine and industry, and semiconductor circuits for computers. Starting with the fundamental components of the universe, matter and energy, the course moves to atoms and the different ways they bond to each other, forming molecules and other compounds. The course moderator is Tom Sanders (bio).


MYSTERY AS LITERATURE:  This class looks at mystery writers and their works.  Join Leslie Johansen (bio) as we look at works from some of the world’s greatest mystery stories from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Allen Poe, and Agatha Christie.  If “whodunnits” are your cup of tea, come and curl up with a good book!



KNITTING:  Come join Shannon Miller (bio) and a great group of ladies knitting and chatting!  Update your knitting skills, if necessary, and have fun!  Crocheters are also welcome.


CONVERSATIONAL SPANISH:  Señora Isabel Ochoa-Youssef will offer, using various modalities such as talking, reading, and writing, experiences that will help you master and speak basic and intermediate Latin-American Spanish.  Spanish has become the second language of many Americans especially here in Florida.  Some knowledge is almost mandatory in south Florida.  You have an opportunity to learn from a native of this language.  Isabel suggests purchasing Spanish Made Simple.  This term, the class will pick up at Chapter 26.  New enrollees are responsible for “catching up” to this point.



GENTLE YOGA:  Jim and Mary Ann Loafman (bio) have been a team for over 50 years and return with their very popular classes.  This session consists of gentle stretching and breathing exercises (no headstands) and finishing with 15 minutes of relaxation.  Goals are to become more flexible, relaxed, and centered.  Every part of your body will be used from your head to your toes.


CHAIR YOGA:  Mary Ann and Jim Loafman (bio) are certified Yoga instructors since 1988.  This session is for those who do not feel comfortable or able to do floor exercises.  The exercises are gentle and enable students to relax and become more flexible.  Bring a big smile and enjoy a lovely time.




11: 00 AM

MINDFULNESS IN MEDITATION AND BEYOND:  We'll explore current scientific understanding of mindfulness practices and their positive influence on our health and happiness. Benefits include stress reduction, increased clarity of thought and ability to focus, and improved coping and relationship skills through purposeful self-behavior modification and applied intentionality. 

We’ll discuss some of the background of modern mindfulness theory, practice basic mindful meditation techniques, and consider how to extend mindfulness into everyday life with the goal of entering an upward spiral of positivity. Come share an exploration of applied intentionality, mindfulness, and metacognition with Amy Akbas. Since first learning to meditate in 1967, Amy has practiced several approaches to mindfulness from stillness through action and has great enthusiasm for sharing and expanding this practice with all of you.

POSTURCIZE:  Learn a fun and simple exercise routine that will strengthen your muscles for good posture and improve joint movement.  Look and feel great, keep fit, and prevent pain!  This session is led by Janet Harazda (bio), a Registered Nurse (FL 936802) and Licensed Massage Therapist (MA24421) specializing in Hoshino Therapy©, a manual technique and body of practical knowledge for the rejuvenation of overused or stressed tendons.  Wear loose comfortable clothing and bring an exercise mat.

THE COLORS OF TRAVEL from SPRING FLOWERS to FALL FOLIAGE:  Journey with us to look at colorful Travel Destinations and Gardens; Locally, Statewide and Around the World. Lee A. Rosenkranz, CTC (Certified Travel Counselor) and International Tour Director will guide you on both Virtual and Actual trips to scenically special places.  For more information and to view the Syllabus e-mail:



BARELY BEYOND BEGINNING UKULELE:  Your instructor, Linda Paul (bio) will start at the beginning with basic techniques and mechanics of the instrument. Then you will play simple songs using the easier chords while learning how to practice to your best benefit. You will study different types of songs while increasing your knowledge of chords and strums. By the end of the term, you will be playing blues, doo-wop, country, gospel, rock and roll and more. This class is mostly about having fun. 

BEACHSIDE BOOK CLUB:  Jan Case leads this group and invites new members to join all the veterans for a fascinating hour.  The group has selected the following contemporary books for the winter term:


SPRING  2023:

April 13          The Art of Hearing Heartbeats by Jan-Phillip Sendker

April 20          The Water Is Wide by Pat Conroy - Nonfiction

April 27          The Mystery of Three Quarters by Sophie Hannah

May 4             The Personal Librarian by Marie Benedict

May 11           Empty Mansions by Bill Dedman - Biography

May 18           Black Cake by Charmaine Wilkerson

May 25           Horse by Geraldine Brooks

June 1             Luncheon

THE HISTORY OF RUSSIA:  Russian history is particularly pertinent today since many historians believe that a country's historical experience and development greatly affect its present-day cultural philosophy and attitudes. This course will help you understand how Russia's past has affected it's present. We will be using The Great Courses lectures by Dr. Mark Steinberg covering Russian history from the unsuccessful Revolution of 1905 through social developments leading to the successful October Revolution of 1917. Moderator Jack Blasy (bio) will share some his experiences and insights from over 40 trips to Russia. 



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