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Spring term canceled

For everyone's safety and well-being, the Shepherd's Center Board of Trustees and the Director have decided to cancel this term.  We will resume the Fall Term on October 1


Join us this term for eight weeks of fun and fellowship.  Our signature Adventures in Learning supports personal growth and discovery with college-type courses, cultural enrichment workshops, hobby and recreational opportunities.  For a mere twenty dollars ($20.00) you can sign up for one or more classes Thursday, Friday, Saturday or all three days. That's right, this very small fee will allow you to attend unlimited classes covering multiple days.  There is no homework or tests, however, class participation is encouraged. Please click on the CLASSES tab at the top of this page for the wide array of offerings that will surely enlighten your day.  COME AND JOIN THE SHEPHERD'S CENTER FAMILY



                                                 DID YOU KNOW?


In all the top surveys we know of, the preferred terms to describe those over 50 include: older persons, older people, older adults, aging adults, elders, persons 65 years and older, or the older population. Third age or third act and perennials, as a play on “millennials,” are sometimes used by people in the field but these newer terms haven't readily caught on yet. 


The word "senior," most especially when used with "citizen" is disliked by a majority of survey respondents. Other less desirable phrases include "positive aging" and successful aging." 


The problem is there is a great deal of difference between a 50-year-old and a veteran adult in his or her 80s or 90s. One name may not fit such a large group. And the Shepherd's Centers network covers this full age range with a variety of opportunities. 

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If you would be interested in teaching or moderating a class, contact the director at thth159@yahoo.com


The purpose of Shepherd's Center-Beachside is to offer older adults a wide variety of seminars based on the peer-learning concept and designed to be intellectually stimulating in an informal and noncompetitive environment.