Fall term for 2020 is canceled!

Our next window of opportunity will be having classes for our Winter Term beginning January.  Stayed tuned for info.

Welcome and congratulations!  By signing up for the upcoming term of What in the World you demonstrate that you are not allowing the privations of this pandemic to limit your world to this County, or inhibit your curiosity about the rest of this world of ours. You are also part of an experiment, where we morph from 13 years of face-to-face teaching to a Zoom-driven term of cyber education.  Here are the details:

  • The term is free

  • It will go for 8 weeks at 11 am every Friday from September 25th

  • For those of you who are unsure of your Zoom competency, I will give a mini talk on the previous Friday September 18th at 11, where I will update anyone who responds to my Zoom invitation on the state of the global COVID 19 pandemic, and if you have any technical issues you have a week to sort them out, and I would be happy to help.  With my homeless agency I am doing anything from 2-4 Zoom meetings a day, so am becoming a reluctant Zoom aficionado. 

  • The format will be as before, with the first week covering the world, then each week a different region of the world, finishing with the final week about the US and its relation to the rest of the world.

  • You will find the first day easier if you download the Zoom application to your PC/laptop/phone prior to the 18th or 25th.

  • I will be sending you a Zoom invitation prior to each week and all you have to do is to click on it to get to the session

  • To prevent gatecrashers, once you online you will go into a Waiting Room until I admit you

  • On entering the session, you will see your fellow classmates and the first slide. Each slide I show will cover the main points that I will talk through.

  • To avoid the distraction of background noise I will be muting everyone unless you have a question.

  • You can ask a question by clicking on the Chat button at the bottom of the screen and typing your question.  If it's a long question just type Question and I will unmute you so you can say it.

  • Feel free to enter questions on any Region but I will only answer them when we get to that particular Region.

If you have any questions now, please ask, otherwise I will see you on the 18th and/or the 25th.  I have put these points on the attached pdf file in case you want to print them out and keep them for reference


Robin Cramp

Armchair Travel Around Florida and Around the World.   Updates on openings and closings within the Hospitality Industry and Pandemic Protocols for Travel.   Countries who are considered safe to visit now. Forecasting Future Travel Attractions and Destinations.  Where and What are they building? Day trip destinations which give visitors the feeling of traveling to another part of the World through Gardens, Art, Music, Nature, Sport and Culinary Experiences. This will be brought to you at home through Zoom, which offers free accounts for viewing and short classes.    Tuesday mornings at 10:30 am.

Contact Lee A. Rosenkranz, CTC (Certified Travel Counselor)  by email:  Floridagreeters@yahoo.com or phone 321-259-6300 

Our own Janet Harazda is offering a great service here:

Posturcize™ is now online via Z00M!!! Just send your email address to janharazda@gmail.com and I will send you the link.

Posturcize™ (in case you haven't taken this class) is a series of simple, fun exercises for rejuvenating the joints and restoring and reinforcing their normal range of motion. How to look great, and feel good!

Classes are every day except Sundays and Wednesdays at 3-4 PM

Suggested fee: $3 per class or $25/month for unlimited classes, payable through Paypal or Venmo. Checks or cash, message me for info.
PAYMENT NOT REQUIRED, BUT APPRECIATED. I would so much rather you come than not!
Wear comfortable clothes, have ready a sturdy chair braced against the wall for lunge exercises, and a padded area for about 10 minutes of floor exercise.

  • Second Harvest
  • St Vincent DePaul
  • South Brevard Sharing Center
  • Daily Bread
  • The Children's Hunger Project
  • Salvation Army
  • Meals on Wheels
  • The Children's Home Society


The purpose of Shepherd's Center-Beachside is to offer older adults a wide variety of seminars based on the peer-learning concept and designed to be intellectually stimulating in an informal and noncompetitive environment.


Check out our courses on the Lending Library tab above.  While you're stranded at home this summer and fall, enhance your knowledge by learning something new and interesting.  These are some of the same courses we present during the term.  If a course appeals to you, contact me at thth159@yahoo.com and I'll arrange for you to pick up the DVD course or courses at the church office at Ascension Lutheran Church. To get more insight on The Great Courses, go to thegreatcourses.com 

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