The Spring Term 2017 begins April 6 and continues through May 26
Every Thursday and Friday


Join us this term for eight weeks of fun and fellowship.  For a mere twenty dollars you can sign up for one or more classes Thursday or Friday or both days.  That's right, only twenty smackaroos will allow you to attend unlimited classes covering both days.  There is no homework or tests, however, class participation is encouraged.  Please click on the Our Classes link on the sidebar of this page to view the wide array of offerings that will surely enlighten your day.  COME AND JOIN THE SHEPHERD CENTER FAMILY.

 Robin telling us about the world
Robin telling us about the world

Rebuilding after Hurricane Matthew
Rebuilding from Hurricane Matthew


The Shepherd Center’s class brochure is mailed out via the U.S. Postal Service at a reduced bulk rate and does not get forwarded if you should temporarily change your address or permanently move.  You can always retrieve the latest copy of the class brochure by going to this website  approximately one month prior to the start of the sessions as follows:                                   

- Winter Term -- Beginning of December

- Spring Term  --  Beginning of March 

Fall Term --  Beginning of September

Are the Shepherd Center classes a fit for you?

I would like to . . .

learn a foreign language

learn how to line dance

participate in the Great Courses seminars

enhance my computer skills


"The Shepherd Center literally saved my life when my husband passed away.  My grief rendered me lost and helpless until a friend of mine told me about the Shepherd Center.  I once again have a zest for life and eagerly look forward to Thursdays and Fridays to learn and to be with my extended Shepherd Center family."