Shepherd Center Beach Side, Inc of Brevard County, Florida
Fall Term every Thursday & Friday
Begins  September 29 & 30th

Classes will resume Thursday & Friday Oct. 13/14.

                 OUR VISION
The Shepherd's Center- Beachside, Inc. envisions a society where adults over the age of 55 of different life experiences and faiths, inspired by religious values and in partnership with congregations and communities, assume a determining role in the definition and quality of their lives. We are people coming together and putting into action the supportive message of the Twenty-third Psalm to sustain and celebrate life. 


                       10 YEARS OLD


                      STILL GROWING

In 2003, we started the process of creating the SHEPHERD'S CENTER-BEACHSIDE INC. Six local Churches (Ascension Lutheran-Holy Name of Jesus Catholic-Satellite Beach United Methodist-St. Mark's United Methodist, Holy Apostle Episcopal-Our Father's House) sat down and after many long meetings put together the basic structure that became your Shepherd's Center. We were approved by Florida and the IRS (501c3) as a not for profit Educational Corporation. Eastminster Presbyterian and Immaculate Conception Catholic joined our family soon thereafter. Our By-Laws state that your Shepherd's Center is owned and managed by its Church Sponsors. Each of the seven Churches (Our Father's House left for financial reasons) appoints one member of our Board of Trustees who selects the Director and directs the Center's activities. Without the support and direction of these Church owners/sponsors your Shepherd's Center would have never happened nor could we continue our program. The next time you see the Pastor/Father of one of these Churches please say "THANK YOU" for making this program possible.

In the Spring of 2004, the first Shepherd's Center classes started at Ascension Lutheran Church. We had a 1 day, 8 week, session, with 7 class selections and 42 folks participating. Our 10 year anniversary, Spring, 2014, program was a 2 day, 8 week session, offering 42 classes with 355 people partaking. The preceding Winter program also a 2 day 8 week program had 451 participants. By any measurements our "baby" has grown up. To celebrate our "BIRTHDAY", we had a large party at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Community (see pictures above). Over 200 folks joined in the party. The food was outstanding, and the entertainment, furnished entirely by Shepherd's Center teachers and students was fantastic!!

As we start this next decade our goal is to not only continue to offer these educational programs but ever improve them. Our success is the result of the efforts of many people, primarily those dedicated folks who volunteer to lead these classes. There are no paid employees at your Shepherd's Center. Everyone gives of their time and talent to help make this program work. We invite you to join our "teachers" group. We all have interests and talents developed through our lifetime. Come share with us.

If you are not now participating in our weekly sessions it is time for you to join. The cost is only $20.00 for as many classes as you want to take over the 8 week session. Cost is the same ($20.00) if you take 1 class or 1 class each hour for both days. There is no homework or tests, and class participation is encouraged. PLEASE, take a look at the Class Schedule on this site and we are sure you will find a number of classes that would add to your life's enjoyment. COME JOIN THE SHEPHERD'S CENTER FAMILY.